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Banking & Financial Services

The Challenges

The financial services industry is in a period of transition. Market shifts, competition, and technological developments are ushering in unprecedented changes in the global financial services industry. Organizations in this highly competitive and increasingly regulated industry will especially need to focus on making themselves more :
  • Adept to face increasing transaction volumes, regulation and the integration of previously disparate global markets
  • Agile at identifying and managing risk
  • Operationally efficient
  • Customer – centric
  • Optimized in both business & technology

In this scenario, spearheading IT initiatives has become critically important.

Major spending initiative priorities tend to focus on automation to reduce costs and lessen risk, along with using BPO to gain efficiency and allow internal IT organizations to focus on strategic initiatives. Delivery of these capabilities at a high efficiency level but at low costs is one of the major success factors for any financial services business.
To enhance their competitive advantage in this changed environment, financial services institutions are increasingly harnessing new technologies to provide superior customer offerings and streamline internal processes. Today’s dynamic marketplace demands that financial services providers emphasize on technologically advanced, feature-rich solutions, that can operate in real-time and with the highest degree of precision and reliability.
Information technology is increasingly being considered as critical to the strategic direction and the day-to-day operation of financial services firms.

Z Info solution Advantage

Z Info Solution is focusing on a single quality management system capable of meeting multiple quality requirements. The Z Info Solution quality management system not only conforms to existing quality standards but also flexible enough to incorporate new standards. Z Info Solution has implemented a time-tested system for efficiently managing software development, which ensures high level of quality in all the software developed. This system is controlled and run by the right people, using clearly documented procedures that meet international norms, backed up by frequent software audits. Services are monitored for conformance to standards and processes are monitored for conformance to procedures.

Software Quality Assurance

For each project, Z Info Solution identifies Quality Assurance Representatives to ensure that the project follows the defined processes and report the metrics to the organizational repository. During each step, metrics data are collected and cross-referenced against our internal database. At the end of every month or at the end of every phase, the QA representatives conduct a process compliance audit to highlight areas that are not following the defined process for the project. The goal of Z Info Solution’s quality processes is customer satisfaction. By adhering to comprehensive quality management system and quality assurance processes, Z Info Solution leverages project experiences and learning to bring about predictability in processes and continuity & sustainability in quality.

Z Info Solution is committed to exceed our client expectations, by continuously seeking ways to provide better quality services.