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The Challenges

The internet has enhanced the ability of healthcare providers successfully to manage projects spanning time zones, cultures, and physical distances. The high cost of healthcare in the USA is not only affecting the healthcare industry but also placing a great burden on the competitiveness of many major US manufacturing and other businesses. The biggest challenge for both providers and payers in the healthcare industry is not about HIPAA compliance but about how to be profitable. Costs are soaring, even as it becomes increasingly challenging to attain and then maintain profitability-while operating in a resisting market space. In response to cost-reduction pressures, healthcare providers are exploring a new option of offshore healthcare delivery.

Z Info Solution Advantage

Z Info Solution’s solutions for the healthcare practice deliver knowledge intensive services to leading companies in the industry. The collective experience of our people in this industry exceeds many years and spans unique and diverse aspects such as global supply chain improvement, process re-engineering, and technology enablement of operations, pharmaceutical product marketing, and market development, as well as development of proprietary physician and patient centric applications and platforms. Z Info Solution is ready to implement its solutions for the following segments in healthcare domain:
  • Hospitals
  • Medical research organizations
  • Clinics / Polyclinics

Business Solutions

Technology investments are relatively easy especially for larger companies in industries where cash flows are not as constrained as others. But, in our experience, the best business improvement and returns do not always come with the highest price tags. We help companies shift through down to the underlying process, cultural or organizational breaks that need to be fixed before new technologies can deliver the intended value. It has been our experience that these process and business excellence initiatives do not require significant number of years or dollars. They require insight, domain knowledge and the ability to communicate the larger context to process owners in diverse parts of the organization and to build alignment between them. These skills account for our track record with some of the leading companies in this industry and our effectiveness in delivering real improvements rapidly. Z Info Solution has strong expertise in the healthcare domain, having developed products and solutions for global healthcare companies in the areas of:
  • Patient data monitoring systems
  • Patient safety solutions
  • Hospital information systems
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Medication-use process
  • Supply chain management process
  • Health benefits administration
  • Claims processing systems