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Testing & Validation


Z Info Solution has a proven track record of establishing and running dedicated test labs for their Global clients. The teams at Z Info Solution use disciplined, mature ISO quality, with a clear focus on areas critical to the success of such efforts. Z Info Solution has developed methodologies for end-to-end testing of complex systems, and has adequate exposure to testing of systems using a client’s in-house methods. Z Info Solution provides robust review, testing and change control processes, ensuring cost-effective, fast and quality deliverables through a global delivery model consisting of onsite, near-shore and onsite / offshore execution.

Z Info Solution’s infrastructure facilitates quick ramp up/down of resources based on client needs, requirements, and results in significant overall time and cost reductions. Clients can also make use of time zone differences to conform project schedules, achieving round the clock productivity.

Z Info Solution satisfies all requirements identified by a top-notch offshore vendor, including:

  • Proven track record
  • Experienced on-site project management
  • Solid quality program
  • Disciplined methodology
  • State-of-the-art offshore Infrastructure
  • Matching client skills and project requirements
  • Adequate number of qualified resources
  • Ability to mirror users’ processes and standards

Benefits of Z Info Solution Offshore Testing Centers.

The benefits that Z Info Solution brings into an OTC relationship with their client would be on 3 key parameters: quality, productivity, and cost savings.


  • Domain & product knowledge
  • Proven, unique methodology perfected years of testing projects
  • Comprehensive test coverage


  • Multi-platform, multi skilled resources
  • Testing core competency with experience on diverse testing projects
  • Complementary time zones
  • Rapid internalization of client processes
  • Timely ramp up/down of resources
  • Re use Repository

Cost Savings

  • Immediate & medium term savings in software life cycle costs
  • Significant improvement in business requirements delivery
  • Cost and effort savings in setup & stabilization of operations
  • Reassign client resources to core business functions
  • Savings in cost/time/management of recruiting/training/retaining resources
  • Flexible staffing based on load variations
  • Low overhead costs
  • Compressed time to market – early returns on IT investments

Testing Services

As business environments become more and more dynamic, there is a need to shrink the product release cycles while managing costs and risks. Z Info Solution addresses these issues through a complete range of testing services. Z Info Solution offers independent testing services spanning the entire software release lifecycle. This includes formulating the test plan & test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations. Z Info Solution’s quality assurance services helps clients deliver software with confidence and compete better in the market.

Partnering with Z Info Solution helps clients leverage upon Z Info Solution’s experience in testing business applications (as shown below) on a range of platforms and technologies. Z Info Solution provides testing services in the focused domains of financial services, manufacturing, hi-technology, education, and healthcare; while supporting technologies such as .NET, J2EE, Mainframes and Open Source.

Core Testing Expertise

  • System testing: testing of complete application environment
  • Integration testing: testing of modules
  • Performance testing: measuring response times and throughput rates under a variety of conditions
  • Functionality testing: testing either modules or the complete product to determine whether it will function as planned and as actually used
  • Stress testing: examining the behavior of the system at, and beyond, the limits of its resources by subjecting it to excessively high loads
  • Recovery testing: testing applications or entire systems to ensure successfully recover from hardware and software failures without undue loss of data or data integrity
  • Security testing: ensuring that security mechanisms cannot be breached either maliciously or accidentally
  • Regression testing: rerunning test cases which a program has previously executed correctly in order to detect errors spawned by changes or corrections made during software development and maintenance
  • Incremental testing: continuous testing of an application as new functionality is recommended
  • GUI testing: testing to ensure compatibility and stability of GUI.

Skills Expertise

Z Info Solution helps organizations improve software product quality through manual as well as automated test cases using industry standard software testing tools that are best suited for the product and which significantly reduce testing cycle time. The following is an indicative list of our tool expertise:

Automated Functional & Regression Testing WinRunner, SilkTest, RationalRobot, QuickTest, Test Complete  
Load Testing LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, WebLoad, OpenSTA        
White Box Testing Boundschecker, Purify, PureCoverage        
Unit Testing Jprobe, Junit        
Defect & Change Tracking ClearQuest, GNATS, Bugzilla, d-tracker, TeamTrack, SourceForge, Test Director, Visual Intercept        
GUI Testing Mercury WinRunner, Silk test        
Memory Leak Jprofiler        
Configuration Management CVS, VSS        
Project Management MS Project        


Testing Process

Z Info Solution has a precisely defined and exhaustive methodology for ensuring thorough and effective QA Testing of the products, applications and processes. With over a decade of experience in providing testing services, Z Info Solution develops customized test plans matching each client’s needs and mentors clients on the use of methodology and tools to ensure continued best practices.

Dedicated Test Lab

Z Info Solution helps companies in setting up dedicated test labs for software product companies to derive maximum value from testing. To mitigate risks and minimize costs, many software product companies are turning to independent test organizations to support their testing needs on-site to offshore. Z Info Solution has the expertise and global footprint to help software product companies design and build test teams and programs. Our offshore delivery centers allow us to design an independent test lab for clients that reduce cost and maximize efficiency.

Z Info Solution’s testing services results in reduced cost of ownership as a large part of the testing & validation services is offered through a global delivery model.