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Blood Bank Management


The Z Info Solution’s Blood Bank System provide a simple solution to the Complex Blood Bank Functions. It Manes easy and simpler the following areas: Donor Registration, Screening, Component Preparation, Cross Matching, Issue of Blood and Inventory Management. Easy retrieval of the Information once stored. High level of scalability ensures quick upgrades. Generation of statutory and MIS reports is also a part of Z Info Solution’s Blood Bank System.


  • Maintains Unique Donor Identification
  • Graphical User Interface- User friendly
  • Built in security level and access control
  • Flexibility to issue consumables on earliest expiry date basis
  • Issue of blood and components on First In First Out Basis
  • Comprehensive Donor database with search facility
  • Macro and micro level comprehensive reporting system
  • Search facility for- Blood in Stock and Expired Blood


  • Registration
  • Blood Processing
  • Blood Request Processing
  • Screening
  • Component Management
  • Cross Mapping
  • Blood Issue
  • Reports
  • Financial